Yorkship Square, Fairview (Yorkship Village, Camden, NJ)

c. 1925, Postcard More: Supersize and Supersize (Lightened)
1923 or 1927 Postcard. Courtesy Ginny Appleby (sent to the webmaster by Agnes Ruiz)

c. 1955, Diane Adams, Christine Adams, Jimmy Imhoff, Jan Adams More: Supersize
Jimmy Imhoff (Cousin) to the Three Adams Children; NW Archway in Background
Most likely Fall 1955, At the time, the Adams lived in the third-floor apartment in the Square
Their Uncle's car is in the background outside their door. They later moved to 1283 Merrimac Road.

c. 1965, Stores: Village Market, Leitch's Hardware, Andy's Market More: Supersize
Village Market (2950 Yorkship Square)
Leitch's Hardware (1202 Yorkship Square) - see Pittsburgh Paints Sign
Andy's Food Market (1196 Yorkship Square)
Courtesy Rosanne Weiss (Photo Edited by MJRuiz)