SJOA Stained-Glass Windows Honoring St. Joan of Arc (1412-1431)

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1. St. Michael Appears to Joan. Barely a teenage peasant girl, Joan begins hearing voices and seeing apparitions. She identifies these as the three saints St. Michael, St. Catherine of Alexandria, and St. Margaret, whose statues are displayed at her hometown Church in Domremy, France. France is without a king, being worn down in the midst of the 100-year war with England. St. Michael instructs Joan to drive out the English.

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2. St. Joan and the Sire de Baudricourt. The voices lead Joan to visit a town nearby to see Captain Robert de Baudricourt. At first he is not very kind to this peasant girl who appears to be on a grand mission for France. But Joan returns and eventually he helps her on her quest to see the King. Joan, by now always dressed in male attire, is accompanied by an escort of three soldiers on her journey.

3. St. Joan Recognizes the Dauphin. In anticipation of meeting with Joan, the Dauphin (French for Dolphin), i.e., the heir apparent to the throne, disguises himself to test her. She immediately recognizes him.
4. St. Joan Saddend by the Sight of Wounded And Dying.

5. St. Joan and the Duke of Orleans. After evaluating Joan, the royal advisors recommend that Joan be given soldiers to command. Joan leads an army to Orleans, where the English have gathered nearby.
6. St. Joan Leading the Charge. At age 17, Joan leads the French army to victory at Orleans.

7. St. Joan Tries to Persuade the Dauphin to Be Crowned. Joan wants to escort Charles to Reims for his coronation.
8. St. Joan Comforts The Dying Englishman.

9. The Dauphin's Coronation at Reims. The Dauphin, heir to the throne, is crowned as Charles VII of France. Joan (age 17) is standing behind the King. The date is July 17, 1429.
10. St. Joan's Compassion for the Poor.

11. St. Joan Before Altar at St. Denis. Joan is injured in a battle at Paris. She lays her arms down before the altar at St. Denis Basilica, a church and burial site of French monarchs, located today in a northern suburb of Paris. She does this as an act of devotion, according to the French custom of injured soldiers.
12. St. Joan Held at Margny. Joan learns through her voices that she will be captured. She is taken prisoner.

13. Sts. Catherine and Margaret Appearing to St. Joan in Prison.
14. St. Joan Conquers England. This panel symbolizes Joan's victory over the English and her fervent devotion to God.

15. St. Joan Before the Ecclesiastical Judges. The English put Joan on trial and convict her as a heretic.
16. St. Joan Burned at the Stake. Joan died on May 30, 1431 at the age of 19. Joan was canonized a saint centuries later on May 16, 1920. The new parish founded in Fairview (Yorkship Village) with boundaries established a year later in 1921 took the name St. Joan of Arc. The Church with the stained-glass windows displayed here was completed on December 31, 1951.

Photos by MJRuiz, St. Joan of Arc Church, June 5, 2003
Thusday Morning 9:00 am, after Attending 8:00 am Mass
with His Mother Agnes

Photos Posted September 30, 2006 to Honor SJOA's 85th Anniversary.